Who We Are


Suavis Artists Classical Music Management
offers a music consulting service to artists, performers and people involved and interested in this art. We wish to be, though, highly innovative.

Music and rhythm are part of our everyday life and our objective is to enhance our public’s knowledge about music, and bring it closer to them. For this reason, besides representing important artists we also propose ideas which are intended to generate a better understanding of music and its artists.

The aim of our concerts is to create a special moment thanks to performers who are able to transmit emotions, images, culture and vitality. As far as artists are concerned, we offer useful services and support to develop their careers in the most harmonious way possible.

Our services in synthesis:
  • To represent artists who are capable of arousing the public’s enthusiasm
  • To create new audiences for classical music concerts
  • To propose interesting repertoires, in appropriate environments
  • To have concerts considered as joyful events and special moments
  • To provide musical entertainment for ceremonies, Concerts for business or company events and for cultural or public events
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